Organically grown microgreens & herbs

We deliver fresh microherbs and microgreens to consumers in the Croydon and Ringwood area. Varieties include pea tendrils/shoots, radish, basil, lemon balm, red amaranth and more. Microgreens are nutrient packed fresh salad crops with lots of immune boosting goodness!

FREE DELIVERY to Croydon Hills, Croydon North and Warranwood for orders over $10

Is it safe?

You order on line and we'll deliver to your door and leave them for you to collect. No personal contact required!

Our Customers Include

Scented Garden Cafe

For more details on our organically grown microgreens and pea shoots call Matt on 0437 759 145 or email on

Our Microgreens in Action

The Full Pantry 

(Thanks to Jesse & the team!)

Red Amaranth

Sunflower shoots

Radish shoots

Pea shoots

Vue on Halcyon

(Thanks to Dean & the team!)

Sunflower shoots

Radish shoots

Varieties Available

Just ask if you can't see what you're after!

Red Veined Sorrel

Sunflower shoots

Lemon Balm

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